Dead foreign man turned to be Russian

THE decomposed body of a foreign man found in a jungle in northeastern Udon Thani province was today (Aug. 7, 2018) identified as that of a 58-year-old Russian, INN News reported

Pol. Col. Krisana Pattanacharoen, a deputy spokesman of the Royal Thai Police, said Udon Thani police informed the head office at 11 a.m. today that dead foreign man found in a jungle next to Wattananuwong road in Mueang district at around 9 a.m. yesterday was Mr Vladimir Firsov.

He added that police had quickly gathered evidence and questioned eyewitnesses with no possibilities being ruled out in his murder. Police have also informed the Russian embassy.

National Police Chief Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda ordered local, Immigration and Tourist police to coordinate with forensic doctors in quickly solving this case by mainly focusing on forensic evidence.

He also told police to build up confidence among foreign tourists and foreign residents in the country by keeping them informed of what is of interest to them, particularly any death of foreigners.

Foreign tourists who face trouble can contact 1155 Tourist Police hotline all 24 hours.


Top: Policemen look at the body of the dead foreign man found in the Udon Thani jungle. Photo:  Matichon