Delivery drivers arrested with Kratom and Marijuana

Officials at 2 COVID-19 checkpoints have searched delivery drivers’ motorbikes and found illegal substances including Kratom and Marijuana on 19 April 2020. The delivery drivers belonged to a big company known for its food delivery services. The first checkpoint is at Khao Kram, Krabi Province and the other checkpoint was at a PTT gas station in Krabi Noi, Krabi. The customers knew there were a lot of COVID-19 checkpoints during this time, so instead of taking the risk, they hired delivery drivers instead.


The first suspect was sent to the Ao Nang Police Station and the second suspect was sent to the Krabi Police Station. Narongwit 30 years old one of the suspects stated that a customer who he personally knew hired the delivery service to pick up some Kratom juice and Kratom leaves from Khao Phanom District to drop off in the main city of Krabi. The customer informed the delivery driver that there are many police checkpoints during this time due to the COVID-19 situation and it was not safe. The police also found evidence in the motorbike including 3 grams of marijuana, a bottle of kratom juice, and 800 grams of kratom leaves.


The Delivery Hero Thailand Company in Krabi has addressed the incident. The delivery drivers have been fired due to their involvement in illegal substances. The company will also comply with the officials on the investigations in both cases. Other delivery drivers who show a connection to drug use will also be terminated immediately. The company also asks the police to search for all delivery motorbikes to protect against the delivery of drugs. Delivery drivers who are related to any illegal substances will not be allowed to continue work as a food delivery driver for the company.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Police found 3 grams of marijuana, a bottle of kratom juice, and 800 grams of kratom leaves on the delivery motorbike.


Source: Sanook