Discarded spirit houses stoke fear in Ang Thong

FEARFUL residents in central Ang Thong province are urging the public not to throw old spirit houses near a deserted temple in their neighborhood as they are scared stiff of using the road that passes through, the Thai-language Matichon newspaper reported today (Dec. 8).

Officials had earlier removed a big lot of old and broken spirit houses dumped under a Pho tree next to the irrigation canal road in Ang Thong’s Pho Thong district, but less than a year later a bigger pile has built up, and among them are broken statues as well.

Be it day or night, residents get very scared going through this road, with the front abutting the canal and at rear is the temple which has been deserted for decades and some paddy fields.

Somnuk Sangawut, a rescuer here, said residents who have to use this road are now scared out of their wits.

Thing had improved when officials cleared the first big lot of spirit houses and spruced up the area, but less than a year later a bigger pile has accumulated.


Top: The big pile of old spirit houses which Ang Thong residents are scared of. Photo: Matichon.