District officer rejects rumor about Thai ‘vampire’

A DISTRICT officer in the northeastern Thai province of Amnat Charoen today (June 29) rejected recent rumors that a vampire had killed three cows and caused illness to a number of villagers.

Autopsies carried by a local veterinarian confirmed that the cows died of infection after giving birth to three baby cows, Sanook.com said.

Villagers told the police that their cows and other animals have mysteriously died during the past three years with no known causes, and some of them had sought help from local monks.

Police said religious rites performed by the local monks to dispel “bad omen” is not against the law, and no cash donation was solicited.


Top: Monks performing a religious rite in Amnat Charoen to ward off  “bad omen.” Photo: Sanook.com

By Songpol Kaopatumtip


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