Dog brings owner 2,000 Yaba pills as souvenir.

A dog brings his owner a mysterious package, inside was 2,000 Yaba pills. The owner called the police immediately shocked after receiving the gift. Police Captain Charoenchai Nikunkan from the Udon Thani City Police Station received notification that a dog had brought in Yaba pills to a car garage in Ban Jan Sub-district. Officials went to the location and found a white 2-year-old dog named “Sinil”. The dog had brought in a white plastic bag. Inside the bag was a black package wrapped in clear tape. Inside the package were 10 smaller packages filled with Yaba pills. A total count of 2,000 Yaba pills were hidden inside the white bag.


Credit: Sanook


While police were inspecting the object, a man parked near the car garage and acted suspiciously. The man was about 30 years old and was driving a black motorbike with no license plate. The man parked near the car garage with a phone in his hand, he then went around the gate as if he was looking for something. The man was invited to the police station, but police let him go as there was no information on him that could be connected to the Yaba pills.


Credit: Sanook


O 59-year-old the owner of the car garage and the dog, stated that at about 20.00 on 19 May 2021 he saw 2 men on motorbikes driving on the road. They kept circling the area and were both wearing a flashlight on their helmets. Sinil the dog barked and chased the motorbikes. At that moment O believed it was villagers looking for fish, but he did find it strange that the men kept circling around the area. In the morning Sinil had a white bag in his mouth and dropped it for O. He called a friend to open the bag as he went inside to take his daily medication. He walked outside and the friend told him the bag was filled with Yaba pills. O then called the police right away.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: A dog brings his owner a mysterious package, inside was 2,000 Yaba pills.


Source: Sanook