Dolphin dies in Phuket despite getting help

PHUKET marine officials rushed to help a very weak and injured striped dolphin which tourists had found on Karon beach today (July 31) but were unable to safe his life, Thai News Agency said.

Officials from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources and Phuket Marine Biological Center quickly went to this popular beach to help the male dolphin which was around 20 years old and in a very weak condition with a bad wound beneath his mouth.

They took him in for medical treatment but he later died due to heavy infection. An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of his death.

Officials also went out to sea to help two more dolphins which tourists had seen swimming near this beach but by the time they got there they had swum away.


Top: Tourists look on as officials help an injured dolphin on Karon beach. Photo: Thai News Agency


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