Driver chased and caught after killing 7-Eleven worker

A BAD road accident on Pattaya Bypass road heading for eastern seaside Rayong city led to a 7-Eleven convenience store worker being killed after her motorcycle was hit by a pickup truck, with the driver who was trying to escape dragging the wrecked motorbike for 2 kilometers before being stopped, reported this morning (Oct. 1, 2018).

In the middle of last night Miss Sulawai, 32, a worker at a petrol pump 7-Eleven convenience store, was driving her motorcycle to go start her shift, and when she had almost reached her workplace, was hit by the pickup truck driven by Mr Ekaluk, 29.

Eyewitnesses said after the accident the pickup truck driver stepped on the gas and tried to escape, and in doing so dragged the victim’s motorcycle for 2 kilometer before rescuers from Rayong were able to stop him. They added that he appeared to be drunk and was taken to Nikhom Pattana police station.

The dead woman was injured all over and her body was taken to Nikom Pattana Hospital.


Top: The scene of last night accident on Pattaya Bypass road. Photo: