Driver gets burnt lighting a cigarette in a van

A 52-year-old man coped with bad burns on his face and body and managed to drive his van to a hospital after a lighter he flicked on to light a cigarette sparked a small fire as the NGV tank had leaked, Thai News Agency reported today (Feb. 9).

The injured man said he had just driven a hundred meters from his home at Bang Pakong District in nearby Chachoengsao province when he rolled down the window and flicked the lighter on,  with this sparking a blaze at the rear after a loud noise was heard.

He added that clearly NGV had leaked and it was fortunate that nothing more serious had happened, because he usually drops off workers in the morning and picks them up again in the evening.

With great pain he drove another 2 kilometers to Chularat Hospital where he staggered within and was quickly rushed to the emergency room for treatment.

The NGV leakage shattered the van’s side glass window, ripped the sliding door open, burnt the curtains and left thick smoke within the interior.


Top: The badly burnt driver being rushed to the emergency room at  Chularat Hospital. Photo: Thai News Agency