Drug party arrested in Chiang Rai

Thailand currently has 1,388 cases of Covid-19 with 7 deaths according to Worldometer on 29 March 2020. The emergency decree is now in effect and citizens are asked to leave their home when necessary along with strict regulations and shutdown of several provinces. Most of the people have given good cooperation with the government along with many households stocking up on food in preparation in case of a total shutdown. Having a party during this time would be extremely inappropriate and selfish, but that’s exactly what a group of teenagers has done in Chiang Rai Province on 28 March 2020.


Credit: Kengnews


Officials from the Chiang Rai Provincial Administration and over 30 officials from the Ban Du Police Station inspected a room at a fancy hotel in the main city of Chiang Rai. They received notifications about a drug party taking place at a local hotel. The party was loud, those involved were showing no fear against the province officials and Covid-19. A gathering of people in a party would be wrong, it gets worse when the gathering is a drug party.


Officials found 22 suspects aged between 20-30, 10 male and 12 female in the room. The group were having the time of their lives with drugs and other things. The music wasso loud they had no idea who was coming to visit them. Some were by the pool, some in the bedrooms, and some on the beds with no clothes. Aside from a lot of alcohol and cigarattes, officials discovered ecstasy and ketamine in tiny plastic bags scattered all over the room and hidden inside pockets. A total of 3 rooms were used for the party and all seemed out of it when the police arrived. Niran Emsawan 24 years old is the person who booked the rooms since the night of 26 March 2020. He then invited people from the online world to join the drug party. He also had 237,000 THB of cash inside his backpack.


Credit: Kengnews


FB Caption: 22 people were having the time of their lives fueled by Ketamine and Ecstasy, with no fear of Covid-19.


Source: Kengnews