Drugs found among young partygoers

CHONBURI police raided a house where a birthday party was being held today (Nov. 11) and found Ketamine, sedatives and drug paraphernalia among the teenagers and youths attending it, Thai News Agency reported.

A total of 28 teenagers and 9 youths were partying with loud music at this house in Bang Lamung district which is rented out on both monthly and daily basis when police burst in and found the drugs among them.

Upon being questioned Sia News Daokanong said he threw this party to celebrate his birthday but he did not bring in the drugs which some of his guests themselves brought along.

Bang Lamung police said almost all the teens admitted to taking but not selling drugs and they were taken in for drug test and legal action.


Top: The house in Chonburi where drugs were found among young partygoers. Photo: Thai News Agency