Drunk man destroys hospital equipment.

A drunk man destroyed hospital equipment after he started acting out in the hospital ICU. Chalermchai 26-year-old from Wiang Kaen District in Chiang Rai Province went to receive medical care at the Wiang Kaen Hospital during the night on 27 December 2020. The Wiang Kaen Police have arrested Chalermchai after he caused bodily harm to a nurse working in the hospital and started acting out in a public place because he was drunk. The suspect has admitted to all charges and wishes to apologize to the hospital.



Chalermchai stated he was drunk which led to the unfortunate scene. The suspect didn’t realize what he was doing and was not conscious when he caused a scene at the hospital. He realizes what he did was wrong and not appropriate. The suspect knows that being drunk cannot be used as an excuse, but it was the main cause of why he acted this way. Hopefully, his behavior helps warn others as to why it is not good to become so drunk that you have no control over your mind or body.



Napa a nurse who was working in the ICU during the incident stated Chalermchai was in an accident. The local rescue team delivered him to the Wiang Kaen Hospital. While doctors and other medical personnel were evaluating the patient to see what was wrong. He started yelling and harming people near him. The doctor was about to give him something to help the man calm down, right before he was able to, the suspect started acting out even more. They tried to move him out of the ICU to protect medical equipment in the room. The Police were notified but it was too late and Chalermchai had injured Napa along with damaging medical equipment.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Chalermchai injured a nurse and damaged medical equipment in the ICU all because he was drunk.


Source: Sanook