Drunk Myanmar worker falls off boat, drowns

A MYANMAR fishing worker who was both celebrating New Year and keeping warm by drinking with friends on a boat last night suddenly tumbled and fell into the sea with rescuers taking 3 hours to find his body in the icy water, Thai News Agency said today (Dec. 23).

Rescuers alerted the diving unit to dash to a canal in Mueang Samut Songkran, southwest of Bangkok, after finding out a man fell off a fishing boat at the harbor where lots of boats were moored.

The divers had to carefully search for the missing man amid the cold weather, and took 3 hours to bring the body of Mr Lewin Koh, 24, a Myanmar fishing worker, ashore from beneath one of the boats.

Investigation showed that Lewin Koh worked on one of the fishing boats and was on leave so he invited his friends to come and drink with him to celebrate the New Year and ward off the chill.


Top: The boat from which the Myanmar fishing worker fell. Photo: Thai News Agency