Drunk police illegally parked and tried to drive away with a wheel clamp.

A Police Lieutenant was driving drunk and parked his car illegally and ran to the bathroom. A traffic police officer spotted the illegal parking and placed a wheel clamp on his car. When the drunk officer returned he attempted to drive away with the clamp still on but failed. He abandoned the vehicle. The car was later moved to the police station and inside was more evidence. Udon Thani City Police Station received notification of a man wearing a police uniform driving drunk on 1 May 2023. A wheel clamp was used to stop the car from moving and it has been confirmed the driver is a police officer at Kudjup Police Station. 



The Police Lieutenant had parked illegally behind another vehicle. The traffic officer also placed a ticket on the car. The drunk police returned to his vehicle shortly after and noticed the ticket and wheel clamp but decided to drive anyway. The traffic officer who still nearby saw this and suspected there may be illegal items inside the car based on the driver’s actions. The drunk officer abandoned his car. Inside the car was police identification with full information as to who the driver is. The traffic officer collected the papers as evidence in the case. A witness stated that he saw the driver who was clearly drunk in a police uniform but with a black T-shirt. He parked the car and went to use the bathroom. 



The traffic police came and saw the illegal parking so he placed a wheel clamp along with a ticket on the car. The drunk driver came back to his car and the witness believed he didn’t notice the wheel clamp or the ticket. He got in the car and tried to drive away. But because of the wheel clamp, he couldn’t drive far and decided to just leave the car behind. The wheel clamp has been removed and the car has been moved to the Udon Thani Police Station. The drunk officer has not shown up to pick up his car.  


Credit: Khaosod



FB Caption: The drunk officer tried to drive his car with the wheel clamp still on. 


Source: Khaosod