Drunk police officer drives into car and vanishes on motorbike.

A drunk police officer drove into a car with 2 dancers inside. The mother of a victim revealed her son needed stitches on his chin and has to stop working. She is asking for justice as there is now no income. The story was first shared online through a live video of the road accident that took place between a truck and a car. The incident took place in Kalasin Province and the video captioned, “Drunk police hit another vehicle”. The officer had a blood alcohol concentration level at 0.224 and did not check on the victims. He left his vehicle then jumped on a motorbike and disappeared. 



As a police officer, you would think that one should take extra precautions to follow the law and to set a good example for the people. It is even worse when the officer decides to vanish right after the incident without even checking if other persons involved in another accident is safe. Khaosod News visited the family on 13 April 2022 and met Samorn 38 years old the owner of a white Toyota Yaris. This is the mother of Anon 21 year old a local dancer who is one of the victims. Montier 18 years old the other victim was also at the home. Samorn stated the boys were returning home from work and were driving at 60 kilometers per hour. 



As they were driving a truck drove into them. The mother stated “the other driver was a drunk male. A motorbike came to pick him up and he disappeared. Another officer came to the incident and we filed a report at the Kongchai Police Station. We want the driver who caused the accident to take responsibility including the car repair and medical bills. Both boys received injuries. If he takes responsibility we wont press charges”. The son stated he makes about 1,500 THB per night. The surgery for his chin cost about 40,000 THB and he has to return for another surgery. The victims hope that they will receive justice. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: A motorbike came to pick the police officer up at the accident scene. 


Source: Khaosod