Drunk thief steals medical equipment from rescue team.

A drunk man stole medical equipment from the rescue team. The team chased him all around Bangkok over 110 kilometers. Police got notified of the incident taking place through Facebook live and decided to block the road with a police vehicle. Sanook News Team received notification at 1 am on 8 August 2021 from the Poh Teck Tung Foundation. The foundation along with other rescue teams including Ruamkatanyu Foundation, Siam Ruamjai, and related teams helped chase down Num 32 year old. Num started attacking his own family and stole medical equipment from the rescue team. He then started driving a car with the goal to get away. He continued driving throughout Bangkok before finally stopping when a police vehicle blocked his way in Ram Intra 28. 


Credit; Sanook


Thanawat Mattukanon, one of the rescue team members, stated they received notification of a man attacking his own family in Bang Khen District, Bangkok. The man who was acting out is the oldest son in the family. He started drinking with friends and then got into an argument with his girlfriend. He then lost control and started attacking family members in the home. When the team arrived Num had already left the home. The situation seemed to have calmed down so the team left the home. Not long after they received another notification stating the brother had fainted.



The rescue team returned and were making sure the brother was safe. This is when the suspect returned back home. He kicked the brother and then pushed his own mother. Num then grabbed medical scissors and a suitcase full of medical equipment before running into his car and drove away. Team members quickly drove after him as the medical equipment is an important part of the work that they do everyday. The team continued chasing him through Bangkok and traveled over 110 kilometers in total. 


Credit; Sanook


The suspect finally stopped when Police Sergeant Somsak from the Patrol and Special Operation Division stopped the car. The officer stated he was relaxing after work and saw the incident through Facebook Live. He realized it was happening near him and decided to drive out onto the road waiting for the suspect to pass by. The officer spotted the suspect’s car and decided to park his truck in the middle of the road. The suspect drove straight into the truck and was finally caught. 


FB Caption: The suspect drove straight into the police officer’s truck. 


Source: Sanook