DSI cracking down on new Ponzi scheme

A Department of Special Investigation (DSI) team is in Chiang Mai today to collect more evidence in a 3.5 billion baht Ponzi scheme with one person already arrested and more to be rounded up soon, INN News said today (Sept. 5).

The DSI team was questioning victims of this pyramid scheme run by a certain company at Chiang Mai City Hall.

Piyasiri Wattanavarangkul, deputy head of DSI’s informal financial business unit, said there are at least 4,000 victims of this Ponzi scheme and the losses total minimum 3.5 billion baht.

In the Northern region it is in Chiang Mai where most of the victims are located and while one person has already been arrested in this case DSI expects to round up at least 10 more suspects.

This company’s pattern is to hold a seminar giving information on investment before inviting participants to join a non-existing business offering high returns which attracted lots of people to sign up.

Those who have been so swindled are urged to contact DSI immediately.


Top: Victims of a pyramid scheme talking to DSI officials at Chiang Mai City Hall today. Photo: INN News



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