Dusit Zoo celebrates hippo’s 51st birthday

THERE was a delightful birthday party for Mae Mali, a hippopotamus who turned 51 yesterday (Sept. 23) with this long-term resident of Dusit Zoo now being the longest living hippo in Thailand, Thai News Agency reported.

The fun started with a parade led by Thai drummers followed by Bozo the Clown and Mascots with this show thrilling visitors to the zoo who cheered them on.

After this zoo officials sent Mae Mali to eat a cake made of  fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, bananas, string beans, corn, papaya, watermelon, fresh grass and bread which the public had donated. As she took the first few bites they cheerfully sang happy birthday.

Mae Mail chose to eat fresh grass first and after a little while her 18-year-old niece, Makham, joined her in eating the cake and the two of them took around an hour to finish this special treat.

The birthday celebration continued today for those who missed the fun yesterday.


Top: Mae Mali and her niece Makham enjoy the tasty birthday cake yesterday. Photo: Thai News Agency