Egg prices on the rise once again.

Egg prices have increased again with anaverage price increase of 5 THB per tray. The Khaosod News Team reported that eggs in Yala Privince have increased in price on 22 April 2022. Sellers believe that buyers are not complaining and understand the reasoning for price increases. The news team went to a local egg wholesale shop in Betong District. Wasan Wongbula the owner of the egg shop stated he has been selling eggs for a long time. This year farm eggs delivered to him come at a cost of 117 THB per tray. It is necessary for the shop to increase their prices. 



When compared to other districts in Yala Betong has the cheapest egg places despite the shipping costs. Prices of eggs in the area are as follow, size 0 eggs at 130 THB per tray, size 1 eggs at 125 THB per tray, size 2 eggs at 120 THB per tray, size 3 eggs at 115 THB per tray, and size4 eggs 110 THB per tray. The prices are all 5 THB more than the usual price per tray. The shop owner claims the eggs come with a price increase due to shipment costs. 



Shipment costs are high and continue to increase as many areas in Yala province are heard to reach. Egg prices will continue to increase as long as gas prices increase too. Wasan stated eggs are not the only item with a price increase. There is also only one local egg farm in Betong with 40,000 chickens. This farm cannot supply enough eggs for the whole province The shop orders eggs in from many farms and companies. Consumers have to understand that the price increase is necessary. Wasan believes that the price increase will result in restaurants having to also increase their prices. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption:  There is only one local egg farm in Betong with 40,000 chickens.


Source: Khaosod