Elusive croc shows up at Tri Trang – Patong

PHUKET’S crocodile hunters are making new plans to capture the elusive 3-meter long reptile that has been swimming near some popular beaches since last Wednesday, Thai News Agency reported today (July 23, 2018).

This morning the croc was spotted swimming 500 meters from Tri Trang beach, which is a secluded place snuggled into the headland to the south of Patong beach.

Krai Thong River Basin Tapi team from Surat Thani together with local officials, who had been watching Karon beach all night after the croc twice came up on this beach to sun itself yesterday, quickly dashed there.

They sent Patong beach lifeguards on 3 jet-skis to watch the reptile from a distance, but when it saw them, it quickly dove into the water and disappeared. The lifeguards parked their jet-skis in the water for a while hoping to catch another glimpse of the creature.

Meanwhile the Surat Thani experts and officials from Patong and Karon beaches are looking out from rocky ends of this beach and are making new plans to catch the crocodile.


Top: Crocodile hunters looking out for the elusive reptile. Photo: Thai News Agency

Below: Tri Trang beach where the crocodile was swimming nearby this morning. Photo: Thai News Agency


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