Employees tested positive for Covid-19 forced to continue working.

Employees at a factory tested positive for Covid-19 but were forced to continue working. Sukon Suwansaksin the Village Chief of Chonburi City and related officials received complaints from villagers and factory workers. The complaints claimed that there are a lot of employees infected with Covid-19 at a metal parts company but were told to continue working. Instead of closing down the factory or letting infected employees quarantine, the factory continued to operate as usual. The Sanook news Team went to visit the factory and found employees carrying bags with plans to quarantine. Another group of employees stood in front of the factory and stated to the news team that they did not want to go inside. 



The news team asked employees about what was going on. Some employees were tested for Covid-19 tests and over 50 were confirmed positive. The factory itself then tested more employees and about 80-100 were confirmed positive for the virus. The factory continued to operate as usual. Some employees who had Covid-19 continued coming to work while some did not come to work with fear of spreading the virus. Employees at the factory are asking related sectors to help enforce safety measures as they are scared of getting Covid-19. The factory has not announced clear measures or plans on what will happen next. 



Banthid Sangchawalet a Village Leader in Moo 4, Nong Kang Kok Sub-district stated he had to stand in front of the factory as infected employees continued coming to work amongst those who don’t have Covid-19. Banthid hopes that his actions will pressure the factory into taking actions to solve the issue. He has also notified related sectors and hopes officials will help set clear safety measures on what the next steps are. Chonburi officials have now ordered for the factory to temporarily shut down and for all employees to quarantine. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Employees with Covid-19 continue to work while the factory operates as usual. 


Source: Sanook