Enemy sets fire to bottled gasoline store.

Having any type of fuel in a building is a great source for a fire to spread fast, in this case, the location of the fire is a store that sells bottled fuel, one of the worst places for a fire to start. The fuel store is located in Phuket and the owner has an idea of who the fire starter might just be.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The incident took place on the night of the 20th in the main city of Phuket. The store is a one-story building set in the middle of a road intersection. The store has fuel stored in bottles placed all over, excellent food for the fire to burn through. The local firefighters in Phuket rushed to the scene and discovered that the fire was extremely tall and was spreading extremely fast.


A total of 5 firetrucks worked together to try and calm the fire down as fast as possible. The main goal was to stop the fire from spreading to other buildings and residences next to the fuel store. It took 25 minutes just to control the fire, but it wasn’t fast enough as everything in the building had turned into history. The Phuket police and the rescue team came to help direct surrounding traffic in the area along with assisting civilians nearby to safety.


Miss Thaowarn, the owner of the fuel shop stated that nothing in the house could’ve been saved, including her own personal motorbike as she was shocked and ran out of the house with nothing in her hands. When the fire started, Thaowarn was sleeping in the building along with her son and his girlfriend. A kind staff at a karaoke shop nearby saw the fire and rushed in to wake the residents inside the building to escape the fire.




The karaoke staff told Thaowarn that she saw a large woman carrying a gallon of gasoline with her, not long after, the fire started. When Thaowarn heard this, she knew who it might’ve been right away. Her son went to the person’s room and discovered that she wasn’t there, he had an idea why she was not in her room.


Thaowarn stated that there is no issue between the two of them, the women even resided in Thaowarn’s house for a couple of months before she decided to move out. She is confident that the person she suspects is the one who started the fire in her store.


FB Caption: A woman was seen carrying a gallon of fuel with her and was heading in the direction of where the incident took place, not long after the fire started.


Source: Sanook