Enraged major wife shoots minor wife

THE hopping mad major wife of a Thai man pursued him to the Chiang Mai motel where he was spending time with his minor wife and shot the other woman in a tussle over a pistol she was carrying, Sanook.com reported today (July 2, 2018).

Ms Chaweewan, 27, tracked down her husband, Mr Makoree, 35, to a motel in San Sai district and at around noon yesterday came in and raised a ruckus as she tried to push open the door to the room where he was ensconced with his minor wife, Thitiya, 19.


Motel staff quickly called the police, but before they arrived, Thitiya came out of the room. As she did that, Chaweewan drew a .380 semi-automatic pistol to shoot her, but the minor wife quickly moved to grab the weapon and in the tussle that ensued, she was shot in the right thigh.

Makoree, who was in the room the whole time, quickly called rescuers to take his minor wife to the hospital.

Meanwhile police have charged Chaweewan with of seriously injuring another person and carrying a weapon in  a public place without permit.


Top and second below: Chaweewan being questioned at the police station. Photo: Sanook.com

In-text:A policeman points to the blood stain at the spot in the motel where the shooting took place. Photo: Sanook.com

First below: The wound in Thitiya’s right thigh. Photo: Sanook.com


Major wife shoots minor wife