Ex-boyfriend shot dead by new boyfriend

A 29-year-old Thai man was shot dead by his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend after breaking into his townhouse in Lad Phrao area, Thai News Agency reported this morning (Aug. 7, 2018).

The 36-year-old woman told police that her ex-boyfriend broke down the door and came into the townhouse, after which he tried to break the door to the bedroom where she had locked herself in.

Just then her 42-year-old new boyfriend returned to his townhouse in Chok Chai 4 soi 50, and this prompted her ex-boyfriend to dash into the bathroom. However her new boyfriend fired 2 shots through the bathroom door with his Glock pistol. After that her ex-boyfriend ran out, but her new boyfriend fired 5 shots at him until he stopped moving.


Top: The townhouse where a woman’s ex-boyfriend was shot dead. Photo: Thai News Agency