Excitement over a tornado in Korat

DESPITE the incessant rain in Bangkok this morning (March 9) which led to traffic on certain key roads moving at a snail’s pace, Thai netizens are excitedly sharing photos and a video clip of a tornado in Nakhon Ratchasima, or Korat, last evening, Thai News Agency and INN News reported.

The video clip of the twister was taken by Mr Anuchit Suebchart’s car camera and he posted and shared it on his Facebook page.

He said he was driving down a road in Thepharak district of this northeastern province when he saw the 15-meter-high powerful tornado moving down the road.

He added that he didn’t dare continue his journey with the twister swirling for 5 minutes before dissipating. He also mentioning that this is something one sees on TV occurring in other countries.

Meanwhile heavy rain hit many areas of Bangkok this morning with the highest amount being 82.5 millimeters in Bang Khae district.

It was pouring heavily on Ratchadapisek road and both inbound and outbound sides were heavily jammed with vehicles only able to slowing inch forward, and the two furthest lanes had started to flood.


This continued till Lad Phrao where there was medium-level rainfall.

Ramkhamhaeng road was also being heavily lashed by rain leading to inbound traffic slowing down. There was medium-level rain on Rama 4 road near channel 3 building but traffic was able to move along.

At the same time five cars and motorcycles also piled up at the Tha Phra underpass leading to one person being injured and a temporary closure.


Top:  The powerful 15-meter-high twister swirling down a road in Korat yesterday. Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: A rain-drenched Bangkok road this morning. Photo: INN News