Extreme heat bends train rails in Narathiwat

THE extremely hot weather led to train rails bending in southern Narathiwat province yesterday and repairs halted service to three neighboring provinces for two hours, Thai News Agency said today (April 25).

Residents of Narathiwat’s Ra-ngae district informed officials that a section of the train rails had bent for unknown reason. Upon checking officials temporarily halted service with the Su-ngai Kolok-Bangkok train halted at Tanyong Mas station and the service resuming after repairs were completed two hours later.

Manop Muangpreecha, Tanyong Mas station master, said this sort of a thing occurs often in this area because it gets very hot.

Roof of house in Nakhon Ratchasima blown awayMeanwhile a summer storm today damaged 39 houses in Phutsa subdistrict of Nakhon Ratchasima including the one pictured here where the whole roof had blown away.

The owner said this was the strongest storm he had witnessed in 40 years and the whole of the second floor of his house was damaged with repairs costing at least 100,000 baht.

Meanwhile Joy Thue Phutsa, 86, said the storm uprooted his whole house and blew it over a hundred meters away and as he now had nowhere to live he is temporarily taking shelter with his relatives.

The Thai Meteorological Department today said a heat low pressure covers upper Thailand and this is leading to hot to very hot spells across the country.

Westerly and southwesterly winds prevail across the Northeast, the East and the South and isolated thundershowers can be expected in the Northeast, the East and the South.

During April 27-29 Apr, a high pressure moves in from China covering Thailand’s Northeast and the South China Sea. Summer thunderstorms and gusty wind are expected in upper Thailand, with hail in some places in the North and the Northeast.

People were warned to beware of the severe weather conditions.

In Bangkok over the next 24 hours the minimum temperature is 27-28 °C and maximum temperature 35-39 °C. Southwesterly winds are 15-30 kilometers an hour.


Top: The bent train rails in Narathiwat. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: A house in Nakhon Ratchasima that no longer has a roof after a storm ripped it off and blew it away with most of the second story also badly damaged. Photo: Thai News Agency


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