Factory workers flee chemical leak in Chonburi

AROUND 130 workers ran for their lives after a chemical leaked at the metal coating factory in Chonburi they worked in but fortunately there were no injuries, Sanook.com reported today (Oct. 25)

Police rushed to Thai Mekki factory in Chonburi at 11 am today after Trai Khontham Foundation rescuers alerted them of the chemical leak.

The rescuers took some of the workers who had rushed out of the factory and felt faint and giddy after inhaling this chemical  to the hospital.

Police said the chemical which leaked was nitric acid which is colorless but has a pungent smell and is highly acidic.

They added that the factory management had plugged the leak and no one was injured in this accident.


Top: Nitric acid spewing out of the factory in Chonburi this morning. Photo: Sanook.com