Fake cops arrested for trying to swindle Chinatown shopkeeper

THREE conman masquerading as policemen have been arrested on the charges of trying to swindle a shopkeeper in Sampheng area of Chinatown, Thai News Agency said today (May 2).

Chakkrawat police first arrested Visanu Prathumthong, 35, on an arrest warrant issued by Southern Bangkok Criminal Court on the charges of raiding Miss Waewta Sornsuphap’s shop and attempting to fleece her out of 200,000 baht and later rounded up two more of his accomplices while continuing to hunt for the rest of the gang.

The victim had earlier filed a police report that 10 conmen dressed as policemen came to her shop to search for pirated goods and later asked her to pay 200,000 baht in exchange for not proceeding with any action.

However she become suspicious and asked for their identification papers which they did not have on them.

Yet while the conmen were searching her shop they stole over a hundred power banks worth 56,000 baht and that led her to file a police report.


Top: Cops and robbers – in Lego. Photo: Ben Sutherland (CC-BY-2.0)


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