Fake Doctor stays in Chiang Mai hotel for 21 nights then flees.

A Hotel in Chiang Mai has been looking for a man that claims himself to be a doctor after checking in for 21 nights before fleeing. During his stay, he collected up a bill of almost 50,000 THB. Hotel employees stated that the man invited friends to come to drink and dine with him almost every night at the hotel.


Before leaving, the man told the hotel to issue the bill to the Ministry of Interior. The hotel in this incident is located by the Mae Ping in Chiang Mai Province. One of the hotel employees decided to share the story online after the man went missing without ever paying for his 3-week stay with full food and drinks service. The guest provided information to the hotel that stated his name was Chayarop 49 years old from Nakhon Si Thammarat. The total cost of the 21 nights at the hotel and the food with drinks comes to 48,225 THB.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The reason that the hotel allowed him to stay so long without suspecting that he would flee as he is a usual customer at the hotel. Chayarop had stayed at the hotel 3 times previously where he would book through an online booking website. He never had any issues paying for the hotel service. Although at his latest stay starting from 21 September 2018, Chayarop walked into the hotel without previously booking a room through any booking website. He simply went to the reception desk and stated that he wanted a room, without specifically stating how many nights he was staying for.


Every day at the hotel Chayarop would order room service. Many nights friends would go into his room. As the days continued it didn’t seem like he was going to be checking out soon, but the staff was too scared to ask him about payment as they didn’t want to cause concern for the customer. Before he left, Chayarop told the employees at the reception that he would take care of all costs, just issue the bill to the Ministry of Interior.


After that day on 12 October 2019, Chayarop never returned to the hotel. The hotel tried to contact him through the number provided but there was never an answer. A report has been filed with the Mae Ping Police.


Facebook Caption: As the days continued it didn’t seem like he was going to check out soon, but the staff were too scared to ask him about the payment


Source: Sanook