Fake lottery winner found in Lampang.

A local book store in the city of Lampang Province reported that there have been attempts to cash in multiple fake winning lottery tickets at her book store. Normally in Thailand, if you hold a winning ticket where the prize is not too high, many lottery ticket sellers or normal persons will cash in your ticket for you by giving your winning money upfront with 2% to 3% commission deducted from the winning amount.


Credit: The Phuket news
Credit: The Phuket news


The Sanook News team went to interview the book store owner in the incident. The female owner reported that at around 11 am on the 2nd of this month, a man around 30 to 35 years old came in her shop to cash in lottery tickets with winning numbers announced on the 1st of June 2019.


The man had 3 lottery tickets, 1 ticket with a 3 digit prefix and 2 tickets with 3 digit suffix. At first, the owner didn’t suspect anything and paid the man 11,760 THB from a total of 12,000 THB. The man acted like he was shocked and told the owner that he just realized there was another winning ticket in his wallet.


The man stated that the ticket belonged to his wife and that he wished to cash it in, the total money from all the tickets would be 20,000 THB. At this point, the owner started to become suspicious of the man. Before this, she had head about fake lottery ticket gangs that made new tickets by cutting and pasting old tickets together.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The owner decided to tell the man that she needed to use a special chemical to check whether the ticket was legit or not. While she was preparing the chemical to paste on the ticket, the man took this opportunity and ran away, but luckily the security camera was able to capture his face.


The man parked his car 200 meters away from the book store and drove away when he realized what would happen if he stayed. The owner called the Lampang Police, the picture of the criminal has been sent to police around Lampang as the man is a professional at faking lottery tickets. The fake ticket looked exactly like a real ticket until the chemical was used.


The owner was very smart when she started to suspect what was happening. She asked for the 11,760 THB from the first 3 tickets back and told the man that she needed to count it again with the new money from the 4th lottery ticket. Luckily, she didn’t lose any money but it was definitely a very close call, the criminal made the mistake of being too greedy or else he would’ve gotten away.


FB Caption: The criminal made the mistake of being too greedy or else he would’ve gotten away.


Source: Sanook