Fake monk arrested at Klong Thom market

A FAKE monk armed with a knife was arrested while waiting for alms in front of Klong Thom market off Charoen Krung Road, Thai News Agency said last night (June 18).

Police from Plabplachai 1 station arrested the man who was impersonating a monk after an informer spotted him in the afternoon and noticed that he looked similar to images of a fake monk that had spread on social media who reportedly  had been asking for alms and cash at Thailand Cultural Center station, Asoke pier and Big C Ratchaprasong branch.

Police officers checked and discovered it was the same person and he also did not have a monk’s ID card.

The fake monk admitted that he had been arrested for this very offence in 2011. He said he slept and bathed at Mor Chit bus station and would usually go out for alms and to ask people for money late morning. The cash he got was used to meet his daily needs and he would share any extra food with vagabonds.


Top: The fake monk at Plabplachai 1 police station. Photo: Thai News Agency


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