Fake pharmacist arrested selling cough syrup mixed with Kratom.

A fake pharmacist has been arrested for selling cough syrup to minors who then use it to get drunk. The pharmacy was searched and over 2 million THB worth of products was seized as evidence in the case. The so-called pharmacist actually graduated from grade 6. Police Major General Anan Nanasombat and related officials reported the arrest of Pathumporn 26 years old on 21 September 2022. The suspect has been selling cough syrup to teenagers in the area. Officials received information from online sources that there is a pharmacy store named “Ton Phon” in Sai Mai District, Bangkok that has been selling cough syrup mixed with Kratom juice. 



Teenagers in the area have been purchasing the special mix to get drunk and have become addicted as a result. The pharmacy sells a cough medicine with the red cap and an allergy pill with a blue label. These 2 medications are known by users to abuse the drugs for reasons it was not made for. The 2 medications must also be sold by licensed pharmacists only. The suspect has even placed a promotion in her store of buy 10 free 1 for the cough syrup and allergy pill. 



The Pharmacy license has actually expired. They also found fake medication in the pharmacy. This includes 2,000 pills of a green and yellow pill, 2,000 pills of a medicine named Pakmadol, 270 bottles of red cap cough syrup, and 185 bottles of allergy medicine. The suspect was arrested on the spot. Pathumpotn admitted that she only graduated from grade 6. She has worked at the store for 4 years and sells medicine to the customers. Most of the sales are to teenagers that will buy the cough syrup and allergy medicine together. She sells an average of 80-100 bottles a day. The mother and brother of the suspect now has an arrest warrant out in their name as police found evidence showing they are involved in selling the medicine. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Most of the sales are thanks to cough syrup and allergy medicine used to get drunk. 


Source: Khaosod