Fake policeman takes money from monk

A 54-year-old monk in the southern Thai province of Narathiwat today (March 16, 2019) asked police to arrest a man who took 30,000 baht from him.

Dressed in police uniform, the man approached the monk and said he needed the money to pay for valuables stolen from the locker room of the police station, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported.

“He said he would return the money after settling the problem with his boss,” the monk told police investigators.

“I waited two days and decided to go to the police station to look for the man,” said the monk. “The police commander said there is no policeman whose description fits the person who deceived him,”

“I was shocked and saddened,” said the monk. “The money was donated by villagers, who wanted to make merit for the temple.”