Family of 8 with Covid-19 left abandoned with no food.

A family of 8 all tested positive for Covid-19 claimed they were left abandoned with no food during self isolation. The family state they want to be responsible to society and don’t want to spread the virus to others but officials have made no attempt to help at all. The family have been self isolating for over a week. The kitchen was empty and they almost had no choice but to leave and buy food outside. Thankfully neighbors helped and have been delivering food and water to the family. A Facebook user posted online claiming they were left with no help in Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province. 



Titichaya 42 year old revealed to Khaosod News that there are 8 members in her family. They started self isolating on 24 march 2021. There have been no health officials or medical personnel from any sector that came in to help them. There has been no help with food and unclear self isolation instructions. The family feel like they were abandoned, left to fight with the virus alone. An auntie who lives in another home on the same property also tested positive for Covid on the 24th. The auntie tested positive using an ATK test and went to the Nakornping Hospital for an RT-PCR test. She was confirmed positive and the hospital gave Favipiravir medicine and a pulse oximeter used to measure the oxygen levels in blood. 



After the 24th members in the family all tested positive. The latest case is Titichaya’s father who is 67 years old tested positive on 29 March 2022. This means that everyone must start counting their self isolation days to 1. The family are following safety measurements but no one has come in to help them or even guide them through the process. Titichaya states she is very grateful for her neighbors who have been placing food in front of their home. During the first few days they had food but ran out and almost left the home. She states “if it wasn’t for the neighbors I wouldn’t know what to do. This made us feel abandoned from all related sectors. I understand Covid is probably going to become a part of our life but I hope some officials will help support those self isolating in the HI system”. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The kind neighbors have been leaving food in front of the home. 


Source: Khaosod