Family on the run from load sharks, interest set at 60%.

A family had to go on the run after running away from loan sharks that was charging 60% interest. The family revealed they have no where to go and live on a public truck. The situation got so bad the parents even considered ending their lives. The children realize what they are going through and asked if they could sell a kidney to help. Ekapop Luengprasit the owner of Facebook page “Sai Mai Tong Rod” in Thai helped Buntri 45 years old file a report at the Min Buri Police in Bangkok. Buntri had borrowed money from a load shark and after missing interest for a week the group started hunting her down. 



Buntri states she had to take her children and run away and has since been living on a public truck. They would park at temples overnight to sleep. Buntri had decided to end her life by jumping in a river but luckily the page stepped in to help. Ekapop stated he feels extremely sorry for the family and went to meet them. He helped talk to the mother and she stopped the idea of ending her life. The family decided to file a report with the police in hopes that officials can help communicate with the loan sharks. Buntri intends to pay off her debt but the interest rate is making it impossible. 



Buntri reveals she has borrowed money from 7 loan sharks and received their contact information from paper flyers. She borrowed 5,000-10,000 from each of them. The interest rate that she has to pay is 1,400 THB per day for all of them. She will have to continue paying interest until she can repay the whole loan. Buntri works in clothing and her husband drives the truck. She always paid the interest but the past week they couldn’t find enough to pay the interest everyday. The loan sharks have threatened her and come to her home. They even went to threaten the children at school. The family decided to run away in order to stay safe. Buntri has to also pay the rent set at 5,000 THB. 



FB Caption: The family has to pay 1,400 THB in interest everyday. 


Source: Khaosod