Famous boxers have an accident while using GPS system

TWO famous Olympic medalist boxers using GSP navigation to guide them back from Ratchaburi to Bangkok had an accident with their vehicle sliding down the side of the road but fortunately neither were injured, Thai News Agency said today (March 8).

The two boxers, Sgt. Maj. Suriya Prasathinphimai, 37, from Nakhon Ratchasima and Sgt. Worapoj Petchkoom, 36, from Surat Thani were driving  back to Bangkok after joining a sports event at an army camp in Ratchaburi at nightfall through an unfamiliar route recommended by the GPS system when their vehicle slipped down the side of the road as they were negotiating a big, sharp curve with both sides of this road also heavily covered with big acacia and tamarind trees.

Sgt.  Maj. Suriya got a bronze medal at 2004 Olympic Games and a gold medal at Asian Games while Sgt. Worapoj got a silver medal at 2004 Olympic Games, a gold medal at Asian Games and a gold medal at Sea Games with the latter driving the vehicle.

They later said that they were using the GPS system to help them reach Rama 2 Road in Bangkok and the system brought them to this road but because it was nightfall and both sides of the road were full of these big trees they lost control of the vehicle at this big curve but did not dare press the brakes and slid down the side yet luckily did not get injured.

Afterwards the two of them got back on the road and waved to other passing vehicles to be careful in order to prevent another accident until finally an insurance company tow truck got both them and their vehicle back to Bangkok.


Top: The vehicle the two boxers were driving at the side of the road in Ratchaburi. Photo: Thai News Agency



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