Father continues to sleep as water enters home.

A father became a TikTok star overnight after his child posted a video showing him sleeping even though the home was being flooded with water. The family is from Phetchabun Province where some homes went underwater. The daughter tried to wake up her father as water entered the home, no matter how hard she tried the father continued to sleep. Thai netizens shared the video from TikTok on all social media. The video showed a daughter who tried waking her father up, he wouldn’t move and she got scared. The woman even placed a finger under the father’s nose to make sure he was breathing. The caption stated “Are you sleeping or what? The house is flooding”. 


Credit: Sanook


TikTok users came to comment on the short clip with comments such as “I am laughing so hard right now”, “Your dad is having a great dream”, “I adore your dad”, “Your home is flooded!”, “Did you make sure he is still breathing?”, “If he had to choose between letting the home flood or continuing to sleep, I am sure he would choose sleep”, “He is really in deep sleep”, “I love it when you checked if he was breathing”. The daughter is Chalita from Phetchabun Province, the owner of the TikTok account. Chalita later replied to netizens stating “My dad is awake now, thank you for loving him”. 



Chalita stated on the evening of 21 September 2021 that it was raining for hours. Because of the heavy rain many areas in the province flooded as water could not drain in time. Water started coming into the home and Chalita needed to wake her dad up. The daughter went to wake up her father but he wouldn’t move. She decided to make a TikTok so her dad could see how deep he was sleeping and didn’t expect it to go viral. Chalita admitted she really had fun making the TikTok. The Sanook News Team visited the home on 23 September 2021 and met the family. Sanan Pilad 45-year-old who is the dad, revealed there was heavy rain but he didn’t expect the home to flood. The man was shocked to see himself on TV but admits he really didn’t realize what was happening. 



Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: No matter how hard she tried, the father was in deep sleep as his home flooded. 


Source: Sanook