Ferocious storm destroys 100 houses in Chonburi

A FIERCE summer storm tore through Bang Phra sub-district at adjacent Chonburi province today (March 18) and destroyed over a hundred houses with the roof of some of them just flying away, Thai News Agency reported.

Meanwhile the Thai Meteorological Department warned that a large part of the country will be hit by more thunderstorms during March 20-23, as a high pressure system from China will extend to upper Thailand and collide with hot weather over the region.

Thundershowers, gusty winds and hail will occur in the Northeast and the East on March 20. The severe conditions will spread to the North and the Central regions, including Bangkok and its vicinity, the next day.

Resized Chonburi storm today

Sri Racha district chief and the Bang Phra Sub-district Administration Organization chief quickly went to check the storm-torn district and the help distraught victims.

Some of the victims said they had never seen this fierce a storm in their whole life, as powerful winds tore off parts of their houses and lifted the roof away.

Meanwhile northeastern Bueng Kan province’s Seka district was also hit by violent summer storms,  and soldiers and local people are helping repair houses, while agricultural officials are checking to compensate for around 400 rubber trees that had been knocked down.


Top and in-text: Destruction wrought by a ferocious summer storm in Chonburi’s Bang Phra sub-district today. Photo: Thai News Agency