Ferry heading to Koh Samet sinks

POLICE in western coastal Rayong province are quickly checking the sinking of a ferry running to Koh Samet island which a passenger videotaped and posted on his Facebook page with there being no fatalities in this accident, INN News reported this morning (Aug. 3, 2018).

Pol Capt Narongsak Thappachaya, head of Phe police station, said the 1.57-minute long video clip of the sinking of the small boat was shared by ‘Roo Yang Pattaya” with the following message:

“Life-and-death moment! A small bot with 30 passengers heading for Koh Samet is sinking, luckily a speed boat passed by and helped us in time – we are safe.”

Police are checking the details of this accident but initially confirmed that this boat is not one for tourists, but is just a ferry running from Phe pier to Koh Samet.

They suspect that the small boat capsized after the engine suddenly malfunctioned with this not being linked to the weather.

Police added that they will definitely take action against those involved but have to question some people and check the ferry’s condition first.

They also need time to verify whether the small boat belongs to a Thai or a foreigner holding it through a Thai nominee.

They added that officials have been strictly checking boats before allowing them to leave the coast, and operators have to follow announcements issued by the Harbor officials and related agencies.


Top: Ferry passengers being evacuated to a speed boat after it capsized during a trip to Koh Samet. Photos: INN News

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