Fewer leaving Bangkok for New Year’s in fear of Covid-19.

Fewer people are leaving Bangkok for this upcoming New Year celebrations. As Covid-19 numbers start to rise just a few weeks before the arrival of New Year’s. Mo Chit Bus terminal in Bangkok during this time is considered busy compared to other days of this year. But, when compared to past new years celebration periods the bus terminal is considered strangely quiet. Although not normal for new years in Thailand it is understandable, The Thai people are afraid of Covid-19 as numbers keep on running. The Transport Company has set up checkpoints as a security measure against the virus, this includes measuring passengers temperature.


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About 39,000 passengers have already left Mo Chit on 29 December 2020 at 18.00, heading to their home provinces with goals of reuniting with their loved ones. Passengers travel to the bus terminal waiting for their bus to arrive. Many long bus routes choose to leave during the evening so that they will arrive in the provinces when the sun rises. The Transport Company has put in safety regulation from when the virus entered the nation up until now. Passengers must check into the bus terminal or write down their name to show that they were at the terminal. This will help officials discover who have come into contact with new Covid cases in the future.


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Passengers who wish to travel by bus or van from the Mo Chit Bus Terminal must purchase tickets online before arriving at the terminal. This includes via website, ticket agents, and other options. By pre-purchasing the tickets there won’t be a line waiting to purchase tickets to help lower the risk of Covid-19 spreading. Persons without a mask will not be allowed into the area. It is important to wear your mask correctly, not under your nose, or your chin. Remember to practice social distancing no matter where you are, you never know who the person standing next to you has been.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: Fewer people are traveling to other provinces from Bangkok as Covid-19 numbers rise in the nation.

Source: INN News