Fire knocks out Internet, land lines on key Koh Samui beach

COMMUNICATIONS systems on Koh Samui’s popular Chaweng beach are out of action for one to three day from today (May 2) after a fire that followed an explosion of a power transformer box yesterday spread rapidly and destroyed many types of cables, Matichon said today.

While the Provincial Electricity Authority officials on this balmy island immediately changed the transformer box and the damaged power cables, specialists from major communications companies said they are rushing to repair their cables and it might be one to three days before various communications systems in the area could be used normally again.

Matichon’s team of reporters went to check the situation at 9 a.m. this morning and found that hotels, banks, money exchange booths and tour companies in this area are impacted because vital communications systems are not working.

Chaovalert Chanchiao, a worker at a restaurant near the site of explosion, said right now not all companies’ Internet and land line services are working with his restaurant too being impacted because foreign clients mostly come to use the Internet and when they find out it is not working they go away.

At the moment of explosion only a little bit of the cables caught fire but it spread very quickly being fanned by strong winds. The ball of fire rolled right up front his restaurant but luckily the firemen were able to put it out.

He added that the authorities have since then rearranged the cables and now one can make out where each one of them is running and it is not a big jumble like before.


Top: Most Internet and land lines are down on Koh Samui’s Chaweng beach for one to three days. Photo: Matichon


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