First auction of an airplane on September 6

THE Legal Execution Department usually auctions land, buildings and jewelry but on September 6 it is an Airbus which it will be auctioning with this being the first time an airplane comes under the hammer in this country, Thai News Agency said today (Sept. 1).

This passenger airplane, Airbus A 310-222 with 270 seats, was seized by the department as ordered by the Civil Court from Asia Connect Airline Company Limited on January 13, 2016 after it was flown back to Thailand from Incheon airport in South Korea.

The court has set the starting price at 30 million baht with the department permitted to hold six rounds of auction.

Airbus passeger cabin

This Airbus has been parked at Don Mueang Airport since then at a fee of 10,700 baht a day which adds up to 4.2 million baht with the bid winner having to pay all of this too.

Aside from this airplane the Legal Execution Department will also be steadily auctioning other assets with these mostly being land, buildings and jewelry over 10 and a half months of fiscal 2017 valued at 107 billion baht.

The department expects total income from auctions in fiscal 2017 to reach 170 billion baht which would be the highest in seven years.


Top:  The Airbus A 310-222 which is coming under the hammer on September 6. Photo: Thai News  Agency

Inset: This Airbus’ passenger cabin. Photo: Thai News  Agency



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