Fleeced Swedish tourist gets 2,000 baht refund

THE Swedish tourist who was grossly overcharged for getting his finger and toe nails cleaned at a Koh Samui beach over the weekend got a refund of 2,000 baht from the uniformed woman, who urged him to not file a police report, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported this morning (Feb. 5).

The  Swedish tourist, Mr Nico Casal, 46, and his wife had been strolling on Lamai beach when the woman wearing a pink uniform jacket offered to clean his finger and toe nails, and after 30 minutes of doing so, charged him 3,000 baht for the service plus demanded 500 baht tip.

When he raised an objection, other pink-uniformed women surrounded him and shouted loudly at him, so he paid up.

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However, news of Casal being fleeced quickly spread online, and later the person who shared the news went to a beach-front restaurant on Lamai beach and asked the owner whether he knew these pink-uniformed women because Casal wanted to pay the real not inflated price for the service, and left his phone number with him.

Just 20 minutes later the restaurateur called him to say the woman had left a 2,000 baht refund with him for Casal, but urged him not to go to the police.

The person who helped Casal said he and his wife are still holidaying on Koh Samui, but no officials had come to check the site where the overpricing took place, nor the security cameras at the beach.


Top: The woman a wearing pink uniform jacket who charged an exorbitant fee for cleaning the Swedish tourist’s finger and toe nails. Photo: Matichon

In-text: Mr Casal holidaying in Koh Samui. Photo: Matichon