Flood wall collapse triggers fresh flooding in Trang

AN EARTHERN flood wall at Trang River failed to hold back a huge wave of floodwater and collapsed at two point in Mueang district today forcing thousands of people to flee to safer areas, Thai News Agency said.

While Nong Trut and Bang Rak subdistricts of Trang’s Mueang district faced fresh flooding, the overall situation in the other eight districts of this southern province have improved even though the water level on the two banks of Trang river is still one to three meters high.

At Wat Prasitchai temple authorities are using a large pump to push the floodwater into Trang river to alleviate the hardship monks and novices face.

Meanwhile Transport Minister Akhom Termphithayaphaisit said in Bangkok today that a survey of the damage caused by the flooding in eight southern provinces indicates this is over 500 million baht.

Damage to 13 national highways in six provinces adds up to 118 million baht and that to rural highways in these eight provinces 419 million baht.

Damage to rail lines totals 6.17 million baht but despite this the southern line will be operational from today.


Top: Badly flooded houses in Trang province. Photo: Thai News Agency


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