Food delivery driver attacked by dozens of teenagers.

A food delivery driver was attacked by dozens of teenagers and is now living in fear. The driver admits he is still afraid and cannot work. He currently is struggling with no income and fears they will attack him in his own home. Pongsakorn 24 years old, filed a report with the Pathumwan police in Bangkok. He went to deliver food as usual but students from a mechanic school attacked him along with giving death threats. Ponsakorn stated the incident took place on 22 December 2022. A food order came in for delivery to a customer located in Chulalongkorn University. The problem is the location he received was wrong and he drove into a mechanic school located next door to the university. 



When he arrived he saw 2 students and said hello to them. The victim asked if they were the customers. The students told him to go behind a building. He did as told and saw students drinking alcohol. The students then told him to take off his shirt and started asking him questions. They asked what school he went to but Pongsakorn stated he wasn’t even studying. Pongsakorn informed them that he graduated highschool and didn’t study anything connected to mechanical school. The students didn’t believe him as the sneakers he was wearing had the same color as their school’s color.  



The students then told him he was discriminating against them because the colors of his shoes represent the victim stepping all over their school. Pongsakorn stated it was not intentional, all he wanted to do was deliver food. The students didn’t listen and started beating him up. They took off his sneakers and smacked him until he lost consciousness. They also used a lighter to burn his arm. He was attacked for 40 minutes, they wanted to kill him and burn him before burying Pongsakorn. One of the students took his phone to check if he took any pictures. Finally they let him go but kept his government ID card. Khaosod News Team visited the mechanic school but they refused to talk. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: No matter how much he tried to explain, the students continued beating the driver

Source: Khaosod