Foreign man dies in fall from high-rise

A FOREIGN man of as yet unknown nationality fell from a high-rise residential condominium in middle of southern Hat Yai City and died in the swimming pool, INN News said today (July 20).

Police at Kho Hong station in Hat Yai City, southern Songkhla province, said they together with rescuers from Mitraphab Samakhee Foundation rushed to the 51-storey condominium in the city center and found the body of a fat foreign man around 40-50 years of age floating in the swimming pool located on the sixth floor.

Part of the drain near the edge of the pool was damaged through a heavy impact and police think this man would have fallen from a residential unit between 7th to 17th floor and hit the edge of the pool before bouncing into it and dying instantly.

However police as yet could not say what led to the fall and have still to determine whether it was a suicide, accident or murder. They also do not know his name but will be getting details from the condominium management this afternoon.


Top: The pixelated body of a foreign man who died in Hat Yai today. Photo: INN News


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