Foreign theft gang arrested

POLICE arrested a gang of thieves from Colombia and Puerto Rico who went around stealing from houses in Bangkok, Samut Prakarn and Nonthaburi and seized almost a million baht worth of stolen goods, Thai News Agency said last night (July 30).

Pol. Maj. Gen. Thana Chuwong, deputy chief of Region 1 Police, said the three members of this gang were arrested in front of Windmill Park in Samut Prakarn and over a thousand items seized including two safes, decorative items, watches, brand-name handbags, Buddha amulets and two firearms.

Also seized were two Toyota Vios sedans, one white and the other grey, four fake license plates and  tampering devices such as screw drivers, a crowbar, a saw and pliers.

Upon being questioned the three suspects admitted to stealing from houses in Bangkok, Samut Prakarn and Nonthaburi.

Security camera clips from housing estates showed that this gang would drive around houses and would choose a big one which did not have dogs and no one was within as the lights were off.

They would later sell the stolen items and used the money to hang out and when it finished would meet up to steal again until they were finally caught.

Police urged those who had been robbed by this gang to come and identify them and check for their belongings at Rattanathibet police station so that further legal action could be taken against them.


Top: One of the three foreign theft gang members being led away by police. Photo: Thai News Agency


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