Foreign tourists flee fire at posh Mae Sot Hotel

FOREIGN tourists rushed out of a posh Mae Sot hotel in panic last night after a fire broke out in one of the rooms believed to have been started by a charging mobile phone but fortunately there were no injuries, Thai  News Agency said today (Sept. 19).

At approximately half past midnight last night police, firemen and rescuers rushed to the luxury three-story J2 Hotel at this city on Thai-Myanmar border in Tak province and quickly battled the blaze in room number 107 on the second floor which was spreading fiercely with black smoke covering the whole hotel.

After the mostly foreign tourists managed to get out of the hotel rescuers gave them first aid checkup as most of them were in a state of shock.

Firemen took about 15 minutes to put out the blaze in this hotel room and after that as heavy black smoke still covered the whole hotel spent some more time getting rid of it.

Police found that the fire had started near the head of the bed in Room 107 and very quickly engulfed the whole unit.


Top: Firemen putting out the blaze at J2 Hotel in Mae Sot city last night. Photo: Thai News Agency