Foreigner among 3 hurt in morning fire

A FOREIGNER was among 3 persons who got injured after a fire broke out at a guesthouse near Phra Sumen Fort early this morning (Oct 12, 2018) completely gutting the 4-storey building, the Thai-language daily Thai Rath reported.

Policemen from Chana Songkhram station summoned firemen and rushed to the building in Trok Kai Chae lane where they saw flames shooting out from the second floor and quickly spreading to the third and fourth floors.

It took firemen 45 minute to put out this blaze, but the whole building got destroyed because it had spread very quickly.

CCTV footage shows that the fire started from room number 209 on the second floor.

Aside from the foreigner who injured his legs and burnt his chest as he jumped down from the second floor, also injured were the owner and a volunteer. All 3 were quickly sent to the hospital.

The owner, Ms Saengrawee Sachaphirak, 64, had choked on the fumes while the volunteer had fallen from the second floor.


Top: The guesthouse ablaze with the unidentified foreign getting first aid before being sent to the hospital. Photo: Thai Rath

Below: The fierce fire at its height before it was extinguished. Thai headline says “fleeing fire.”Photo: Thai Rath

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