Foreigner drowns after falling into city canal

AN unidentified African man drowned after either falling for being pushed into San Saeb canal and rescuers took over 2 hours to bring his body up, reported today (April 3).

The drowning took place behind the Tourism Authority of Thailand building, an area under the jurisdiction of Makkasan police.

Police investigators said eyewitnesses could not confirm whether this man was pushed into the klong or jumped in to kill himself.

However, a Good Samaritan who saw him plunging in also dove in to rescue him but was unsuccessful and stopped searching after it became clear this man had died.

He then called Ruan Katanyu Foundation to send rescuers to help, and they arranged a team of divers to search for this body.

However, the divers could not go in right away because it was the rush hour and many ferries were going up and down the canal, but they later did so and succeeded in finding his body in 2 hours’ time.


Top: Divers bringing up the body of the African man who drowned in Saen Sab canal this morning. Photo: