Forestry researcher murdered

POLICE and forestry officials have located the body of a forestry researcher who was apparently murdered by illegal loggers in the northern province of Mae Hong Son, the Thai-language Thai Rath reported today  (April 23).

Mr Karun Saisawang called his wife on mobile phone on Sunday afternoon (April 22), saying that he was captured by a group of armed men in Doi Wiangla Wildlife Conservation Sanctuary. His phone line was then cut off.

Local hunters saw Mr Karun’s body at the bottom of a cliff on Sunday evening, and alerted forestry officials.

Police believe Mr Karun was targeted by illegal loggers and hunters who believed he was an informer for government officials.


Top: Mr Karun, left, and the area where his body was found at right. Photo: Thai Rath

By Songpol Kaopatumtip